• Special axe in red<
    MK 1
    The replica of the famous guitar, that will be with you like a brother in arms and in peace

  • Special axe in red<
    Special axe in red
    This is the replica of the legendary guitar that will rock you!

  • Classic Pro Photo credit: Adam Marec
    Adan Marec

    and Milan Ciz Guitar's Classic Pro model

  • J.T.25 Anniversary Bass Photo credit: Juro Topor
    Juro Topor
    And Milan Ciz Guitar's J.T. " 25 Anniversary " Bass

  • R.B.Anniversary Photo credit: Berliner Morgenpost
    Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night
    Blackmore's Night With Milan Ciz Guitar's "R.B.Anniversary" model

  • Chitarra Di Gamba
    "Chitarra Di Gamba"

  • Jubilee
    Milan Ciz Guitars
    "Jubilee Model "

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