• Scorpion
    SWAN * Flat top acoustic guitar with carved back * Adjustable sound port system * Comfort and slim body with easy access to highest frets * B-Band® pickup and pre-amp system
  • Scorpion
    Scorpion - Carved semi-holow body guitar with LeoSound® pickups - Schaller® piezzo pickup pre-amp - Roland® GK3 Guitar synthesizer system
  • Phil Hilborne
    * Phil Hilborne *
    And His "Bearskie 2" Gypsy Jazz Model
  • Image
    Gold Wing
    - Full solid body electric guitar
    - Maple/Mahogany body
    - Mahogany neck
    - Glue-in neck
    - Bare Knuckle® Pickups
  • Image

    Jason Henson

    ... and his Jazz 1 Arch-top

    Video Clip
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    The story behind ebony fingerboards on my guitars

    Quality of life and Sustainability

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          The newest studio album
    All Our Yesterdays

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    Renaissance style acoustic guitar

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